5DS_3032.jpg5DS_0593.jpg5DS_9838.jpg5DS_1546v2.jpg5DS_0701.jpg5DS_2290.jpg5DS_9650.jpg5DS_0755v3.jpg5DS_8808.jpgComposite.jpg5DS_0922.jpg5DS_3227.jpg5DS_2836.jpg5DS_3293.jpg5DS_9976.jpg5DS_8363.jpg5DS_5979V2.jpgKat brought several snakes and more awesome clothing to the studio.Keirstin becomes one with several of Kat's snakes in studio and looks awesome.5DS_7022.jpg5DS_3641.jpgKat drops by the studio with some amazing latex creations by Cheeky Latex.5DS_3517.jpg5DS_3707.jpg5DS_4105.jpg5DS_4622v3.jpg5DS_5454v2.jpg5DS_6424.jpgBikini Jam at Petrie IslandKatrina in the latex that she killed the Montreal Fetish Show in visits the DBS studio.Bikini Jam at Petrie IslandHallway compositev2.jpgBikini Jam at Petrie IslandBikini Jam at Petrie IslandJess in the shadowsNadyaKat %26 Gwen visit the studio for a Gothic styled shoot.The canvas that lives and breathesKat %26 Gwen visit the studio for a Gothic styled shoot.IMG_5074-Edit-c99.jpg1DM34416.pngLiz loves shoesThe SirenA study in lightSean Sisk WorkshopThe SirenIMG_3148-Edit_pp-Edit-c72.jpgDelaney workshop modelKat and the green screen experiment1DM30050e.pngLady Kat Eyes jewelry %26 test shoot1DM30142.png1DM30269.png1DM34755.pngLatex fantasySean Sisk Workshop1DM32266-c66.png1DM32597.png1DM33426.pngIMG_0460-Edit.jpg1DM35216.png